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What to Expect

Who will install our windows/door?

Willow’s FENSA approved installers are always experienced and professional. We work quietly, tidily and with the utmost respect for your personal space and privacy.


Do you install replacement windows from the inside or outside?

It will vary from job to job as to whether your installer replaces the windows from the inside or outside. Where possible, we will undertake as much as possible of the installation from inside, though we will likely need to access the outside as well - this is usually undertaken using our ladders so consider access to these areas.

Do I need to move my furniture?

Before the fitting date, we ask you to remove all small and precious items as well as electrical equipment and lamps located directly in front of, or close to, the windows and doors being replaced.  Our fitters will move larger items/furniture for you on the day.  If large windows or doors need to be hauled through the house to their destination, consider a clear path especially at tight corners or along narrow hallways.

Our customer care team will call you ahead of installation day to talk through the details and any concerns you may have.


What should I expect on the day of installation?

Our installation teams use dust sheets to protect your floors and furniture and carpet protectors when required. They will begin by carefully removing your old windows and doors and taking them away to be recycled. There is no standard time for a new window and door installation as this depends on the extent of the work and how complex the job is. We find that a typical installation is usually finished in one day but this can vary, our advisers will inform you of the expected time frame before the fitting date.


How long does it take to install windows?

A straightforward window installation takes around a day, this will obviously vary depending on the size of the job, the size of your house along with the number and type of windows that need first removing and then replacing. Generally, our of windows and doors leave the factory fully finished, meaning they are painted or stained with a multi-layer protection system, and come with all the glazing in place, ready to install on site -reducing time and disruption in your home.


Once your new windows and doors are expertly installed the fitters will run through each product and show you exactly how it works and make sure you are happy. You will also receive a call from a member of our customer care team to check that you are satisfied with the work and if there is anything else we can help you with.


Will we need to redecorate after installation?

Before we leave, our installers will fill and repair any damaged plasterwork (unless otherwise stated in our quote). After we have finished, there will inevitably be some level of fine filling and redecorating remaining. We can recommend a trusted decorator if you require help with any touching up of external/internal paintwork of walls or reveals. 

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