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Willow Joinery Team
Willow Machine Shop


Willow was founded by Dan and James, who met as apprentice joiners and developed the business into the thriving Willow of today. Their goal was to build a modern joinery business that embraced technology but retained the bespoke and hand crafted nature of architectural joinery. Dan and James were joined by Ben in 2020 whose role in business development has strengthened Willow's growth Willow makes doors and windows across the UK on a supply only basis, We have an office and trusted fitters in Cambridge, Carmarthenshire and Shropshire.



Over the past 5 years Willow has supplied hundreds of customers in Cambridge (through an intermediary) with the highest quality joinery.  From 2023 we are changing our business model from commercial to direct consumer sales. Removing the “middleman” will allow for shorter lead times, better pricing, improved customer service and quality control.


The home of Willow, with our head office and manufacturing facility. We have deep roots across South Wales with where we have been designing, making and fitting joinery since 2015.


Ben; a Director at Willow moved back to Shropshire in 2023 after 20 years in Wales.  He is enjoying the process of reconnecting with the area and building Willow's brand throughout Shropshire and neighboring counties.

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