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Supply Only Joinery
Supply Only Joinery

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In the event that we are supplying but not fitting your windows or door, it is essential that the following advice is followed carefully. It is vital that you store your windows correctly prior to installation. Poor storage and conditions can lead to movement within the timber and/or the coatings. Willow cannot be held responsible for damage from failure to follow the below. Failure to do so may invalidate our warranties in the unlikely event of a claim. Your windows and doors have been manufactured to exacting standards and will provide great customer satisfaction over many years if installed and maintained correctly.


Our products are manufactured to exacting environmental conditions to maintain the correct moisture content of the wood. Do not store in areas recently plastered or not adequately dried out.


When carrying out wet trades on site in the same environment where windows and doors have been fitted, it is essential to ventilate and dehumidify the room. This type of environment can cause coatings to blister and result in potential movement to the timber substrate  which is not covered by the Willow


Keep clear of moisture and dirt or where construction processes are being carried out.

Provide a dry, clean area for storage where goods will not become damaged.

Stack windows and door sets vertically on bearers, supported to ensure safety and stability.

Separate products sufficiently to allow air circulation and avoid damage to or from projecting ironmongery or fittings. If goods are to be stored for a period exceeding two months the individual product wrapping should be removed for ventilation.


Cover products to protect from dust and dirt. Our packaging is for protection of our products during transportation and must be removed prior to installation.

Do not expose to strong sunlight, excessive heat, or store in complete darkness for long periods as the latter can discolour the finished coating.


Do not lay products flat as the surface coatings and glazing systems are designed for vertical and drained surfaces.

If Willow are supplying but not fitting your windows or doors it is important that they are always fitted by a competent professional and in accordance with Willow's standards. Please contact us to chat this through, we can answer any questions you might have about installation requirements.
Supply Only Joinery
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