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There’s nothing quite as beautiful as sunlight shining through stained glass. Whether you are looking to take a window back to it’s original appearance - matching an existing design or add character and authenticity to a new entrance door, we have you covered.  
Many of our customers want to retain original leaded and stained glass in their fanlights and doors - we can take out your original glass and encapsulate the panel within a double-glazed unit. We carefully remove the panels of stained glass. Temporary glazing is installed while the work is carried out. The opportunity is then taken to carry out any repairs, such as replacing pieces of cracked glass or resoldering broken joints. Finally, the stained glass is tightened, cleaned and polished before being encapsulated between two panels of clear glass. Encapsulation allows you to keep your existing stained glass, without having valuable heat escaping through the single glazed unit. This not only improves the thermal efficiency of the building but also protects the design and craftmanship of the stained glass and also provides increased security. Argon gas is used to fill the spaces between the glass panes. Argon gas does not conduct heat as well as air, so it's an excellent insulator. Gas filled windows also prevent a buildup of frost at the bottom of the window during cold weather. 

Work with our in house design team to create your own bespoke stained glass. Our talented glaziers can produce almost any design using traditional methods and techniques. The results speak for themselves; authentic, original stained glass which will last the test of time. 

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