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No End To Our Improvements!

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

As part of a review of the business in 2020 we asked ourselves, what can we do better for our customers? If we were in their position what would the perfect customer journey look like?

Joinery is a traditional industry but we are aware that our customers expect modern service standards. We heard from many potential customers that they had not heard back or had been waiting weeks for quotes from competitors. We were determined to do better and to stand out.

We made it our goal to do everything we could to make sure our customers have a seamless and positive experience from start to finish. This has been an interesting project, putting ourselves in our customers position, thinking what our expectations would be and how we could exceed them.

We made contact with EndtoEnd software along with many others, but EndtoEnd stood out as a provider of bespoke software, they were able to tick all our boxes (and more). Working with them has been as easy and seamless as the customer service experience we are seeking for our customers!

With their help we have improved:

  • Response times to customers

  • Clarity of our quotes

  • Eliminated risk of errors to orders

  • Email updates at every stage of the production process

  • Sped up our production process by networking orders from back office to manufacturing

We have many more improvements on the horizon and look forward to working closely with EntoEnd over the coming years.

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