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We hope that you won’t need our complaints procedure. That’s our clear objective with every Willow Joinery customer. But of course, it’s important that we make provision for the unthinkable and create a complaints procedure that’s clear, fair and timely.

Complaints are exceptionally important to us, we treat them not as distractions or inconveniences, but as opportunities to learn and to make things better.

That’s why, if you’re not happy with anything at all about our products or service, we really do want to know about it and have the opportunity to put right and wrongs.

How to make a complaint​

If you do wish to get in touch with us regarding a complaint, then it’s totally up to you how you do it. We have various ways for you to reach out to us:

Complaints by post should be addressed to: Willow Joinery, 7, Tir Owen Industrial Estate, Station Road, Carmarthen SA33 4BN

Complaints by phone regarding a recent installation or purchase (within 3 months of completion) should be made via your Willow Joinery Project Manager.  That will be clearly marked on your invoice.

Complaints by phone regarding a project installed for over 3 months, or regarding Willow Joinery windows aftercare should be made to 01994 230942

Complaints via email should be made using the following email address:

How it all works from there

We will try and resolve things straight away, we’ll do everything we can, but on occasion this just isn’t possible as a bit of work has to go on behind the scenes to investigate exactly what’s happened, so we can work out so we can work out the right course of action.

Where this is the case, here’s how things will work:

Step 1 – acknowledgement

We’ll acknowledge your complaint within 3 working days, either by email or by letter. We’ll tell you the reason why we couldn’t resolve it straight away and who is in charge of dealing with your complaint.


Step 2 – decision

We’ll aim to reach a decision regarding how to proceed regarding your complaint within 2 weeks of it being made. Rest assured that we’ll always tell you if there’s going to be a delay beyond this date. Decisions are always confirmed in writing to you.


Step 3 – action

Where we agree that further action is required on behalf of Willow Joinery in order for the complaint to be resolved, we’ll aim to complete this work within 6 weeks of the complaint being made as an absolute maximum.  We’ll always inform if there’s going to be a delay beyond this date.

Step 4 – referral

We don’t anticipate your complaint reaching this point as we are service and customer driven. Where we can’t reach an agreement together, when appropriate we’ll provide you with the relevant information for the BWF (British Woodworking Federation) who will act as mediators.


If you have any further queries regarding our complaints procedure then please email  we’ll be happy to help.

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